What is BPM?

The roots of BPM are in workflow management and application integration. Today, however, BPM has evolved to the point where it is a superior technology for developing custom enterprise applications. There is no single answer to the question of what is BPM, but one way to understand BPM is …read more…

From RPG To BPM: True Modernization

IBM BPM: A new standard for custom business software applications, picking up where RPG left off.

IBM, vLegaci and Apex Process Consultants deliver a new path forward to true modernization.

AS/400 RPG to BPM Spotlight

Organizations with aging AS/400-IBM i applications written in RPG have special problems and special opportunities. As owners of such systems are well aware, the pool of RPG programmers has been in steady decline for years. At the same time, by some estimations, IBM has exactly one person … read more..

Truth About Legacy Software
The Global Problem of Old Software

Whether it’s COBOL, RPG, .Net or Java, or something far worse like Mumps or Fortran, aging software is less and less viable in today’s technology-driven world.
Custom enterprise applications that were coded in these languages followed an architecture that has rather suddenly, become outmoded. …read more

AS/400 to IBM BPM Case Study

Grocery Outlet is a $1.5 billion West Coast grocery retailer with custom RPG applications developed on the AS/400-IBM i over the past 20 years.

In Q2 2014, IBM BPM was installed. By the end of Q3 two significant new applications had been developed and deployed. A core legacy application for store ordering has been rewritten with BPM and is due for initial rollout in Q4 2014.
The video shares the experiences of both IT and business people in making the move to IBM BPM for their custom software needs.

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Prediction 1: BPM will overtake Java, .Net and other modernization techniques as a forward path for custom RPG applications. There are ...

RPG Trace Tool

If you are looking for the open source RPG Trace Tool, you can find it here.