About Us

vLegaci is a networked consulting company based in the San Francisco Bay Area with associates throughout the U.S. and offshore.

We specialize in helping clients move old software applications to BPM.

Management Team?


teve Kilner, founder and CEO, has a long background both in software consulting management and software product innovation. As founder and owner of the largest IBM Midrange Business Partner firm in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, he both developed an extensive consulting operation and authored a number of programming productivity tools. As the AS/400 market evolved into long-term maintenance mode, he subsequently developed static and dynamic code analysis tools for RPG as a means of preserving maximum value from these systems. Combining software metrics with insight into software maintenance methodologies and programmer cognitive capabilities, Steve has written extensively on management techniques for maintaining complex legacy applications. Recognizing the ultimate futility of sustaining the viability of old software, he became involved as a consultant to two different efforts to migrate old RPG code to other languages. The shortcomings of those strategies and his work with process discovery lead him to his advocacy of BPM as the application platform of the future.

As Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Trowbridge brings over 25 years of professional experience to help support and develop sales, marketing and business development operations. As a seasoned veteran, his experience ranges from mid to large IBM i systems development and consulting, sales management and training, directing both sales and technical teams, building client support operations, and a wealth of marketing and advertising knowledge. Mr. Trowbridge possesses a successful entrepreneurial history as well, with one of his firms receiving both national awards and state recognition. The two guiding principles of his career have been, first, always build “win-win” solutions between you and your clients and second, develop relationships that will last for many years.