vLegaci makes available its own legacy system analysis tools at no charge to its clients and other partners. Our partner, Apex Process Consultants, is an IBM BPM Premier Business Partner, and as such, is an authorized representative of the IBM BPM product line. vLegaci also represents the world leading process mining tool, Disco, from its partner Fluxicon.

Our legacy-to-BPM product suite is comprised of our own developed modules, a process mining tool, a UI-enhancement tool, Apex Coach Views, a database interfacing tool, Apex Repository, and of course, the IBM BPM Product line, as represented by our partner Apex Process Consultants.

The following diagram shows how the products fit into the over-all legacy-to-BPM transition picture. Scroll down the page for more details.

Looking for the open source RPG Trace Tool? Click here.

We offer three levels of options for learning more about BPM:

  • Two hour tour
  • Proof of Concept Project
  • Pilot Project

How to Learn More About BPM

Business Process Discovery Module

This vLegaci-developed module discerns business process flows through legacy systems and feeds the data into a process mining tool for visualization and other analysis. It retrieves and correlates data from existing data logs in the system. In man cases the logs may be extended for further information. This module also contains both a program instrumentation tool and an LOC-level tool to augment process data collection at whatever level of granularity is needed. This module is currently available for AS/400-IBM i systems and is provided at no charge to clients.

Business Rule Extraction Module

This vLegaci-developed module analyzes source code and other object information to extract business rules from programs. Every business rule contains a condition and an action, both being potentially multi-part. The rules may be organized and search by database table/field, for both conditions and actions.

If the Business Process Discovery Module is also being used, the extracted business rules may be organized a further step by correlating them to individual activities in discovered business processes.

This module is currently available for the AS/400-IBM i for the RPG language and is provided at no charge to vLegaci clients and partners.

Data Model Recovery Module

This vLegaci-developed module provides a database of the legacy system database schema which may be used to inform the design of the new BPM database. If used in conjunction with the Apex Repository Tool it can accelerate development of the BPM object-database interface layer. This module is currently available for AS/400-IBM i systems and is provided at no charge to clients.

Iteration Segregation Module

This vLegaci-developed module fulfills two crucial roles in legacy systems re-engineering projects:

  • Assist with identifying where the system can be split into subsystems for development in separate iterations
  • Drive the data synchronization as may be needed between old and new databases for interim iteration deployments

This module is currently available for AS/400-IBM i systems and is provided at no charge to clients.

IBM BPM Product Line

Our partner, Apex Process Consultants, is an IBM BPM Premier Business Partner and can help you with the understanding, purchase, installation and use of the IBM BPM product suite. We also offer optional cloud-based solutions for quick start deployments or trials. The complete IBM BPM product line is very large and we are happy to walk you through it and give you demonstrations.

Apex Coach Views

This product from our partner Apex Process Consultants dramatically extends IBM BPM UI capabilities with features such as:

  • Rich set of controls
  • Powerful layout functions
  • High performance grids
  • Client-side data
  • Packaged views
  • Responsive layout for mobile

Using Apex Coach Views provides virtually all UI capabilities you would ever need for enterprise desktop and mobile applications.

Apex Repository

Sold by our Apex partners, Apex Repository is an IBM BPM toolkit that enables you to quickly and easily persist BPM business objects in a relational database. The toolkit includes typical CRUD plus search services and works with your preferred database management system. It also includes administrative features that automatically build and manage the tables, indexes and foreign key constraints required to manage the business objects in the repository.