Who is doing what?

When? And in what sequence?

What business rules were used?

What is the system lifecycle of an Order / Loan / Policy / Item / Customer?

How can you understand all the steps your business entities go through when legacy applications rarely have a business process architecture?

We specialize in helping you answer these questions

We have some amazing technology for legacy AS/400 – IBM i RPG applications. This is not just another source code analysis tool – our technology goes far beyond source code and looks at what is actually running in your system.

It gathers data that is often a revelation.


Our new Profile tool helps you prepare specifications of your application in order to do any of these things:

  • Prepare an RFP for purchase of packages or cloud services
  • Prepare a technical specification for rewriting your application
  • Simply do a better job of maintaining, enhancing and supporting your legacy applications

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